Financial Advisory

Finance is the crux of any business, whether it’s a start up, medium scale or large scale business. The requirement of funds though varies depending upon stages of business.

Ideally, every business goes through stages categorised as, Early stage, Growth stage, Expansion stage Maturity stage. And to avoid getting into Depression stage the business’s has to constantly come up with new ideas, product development, improvement in services etc.

At each and every stage, funds are required, either in the form of Working Capital majorly known as short term finance and Project Financing or long term finance. Seed Capital, which is the initial capital required for starting up any business is either infused by the promoter himself or arranged through short term loans through friends & family. Seed capital plays a very important role in starting any new venture and a lot of start-up fail to start due to lack of seed capital.

On similar grounds, every venture requires infusion of funds at growth stage and expansion stage. The traditional business may rely on traditional funding methods like secured loans through Banks, short term unsecured loans etc, however the tech start ups, start-ups dealing in services industry find it difficult to raise funds through Banks. For their rescue the non traditional means of finance are emerged which are popularly known as Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist and even Unsecured short term working capital lenders which includes Non Banking Financial Institutions.

Our Financial Advisory team, has broadly categorized the need of finance by start-ups, small businesses and have designed solutions to cater to each and every requirement. We help you prepare project report for approaching banks, we help you prepare bankable credit proposal for secured finance from banks, and we also help you to prepare Investor pitch in case you are a start-up and want to go for funding through Angel Investors or Venture Capitalist.