Mentoring Sessions

We believe in sharing knowledge in best possible ways. The industry experts, experienced team members shall be conducting mentoring sessions/seminars to pass on their experience, solve unlimited queries with specific industries that a start-up or even an existing entrepreneur carry in his mind unanswered.

The sessions will throw light on lot of basic issues a start-up has to deal with prior to starting the mission as well the hurdles he may have to face during his journey to success. We intend to take sessions on complexities of Company Incorporation, Opportunities in Food Industry, Financial Planning, Government Grants for Start Up India and lot more subjects.

Keep a watch on our upcoming sessions and register to gateway of knowledge.

One on One Sessions

The mentoring sessions shall be targeted to larger group of audience and possibly you may not like to ask confidential questions in front of larger audience. The innovative ideas which are not documented and patented needs not be discussed in open forum. Understanding this we would be happy to make arrangements for One on One Mentoring sessions related to your query with a specific selective mentor.

The One on One Mentoring sessions are the best way to get answers from industry experts and experienced professionals who may give a different insight to your business. The guidance from experienced professionals is always beneficial before taking any big decision.

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